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Réponse à une annonce

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J'ai récemment publié une annonce concernant la vente d'un tube optique.
Je reçois çà en retour:

I don't mind getting the Item for the price because it worth the price and I think I am pleased with it. I will like you to know that Payment would be through a certified european cashier's cheque, the payment is also going to be including with the shippment money so as soon as you have the funds you send the balance to my shipper that will be incharge of the shipment.You will have the payment through my associate in the U.S.A. Because I do not have cash presently and would not like to loose the purchase item and also avoid delay because of the urgency in need of it. Kindly give me the
[1] your name that is going to be writting on the check
[2] your address that the check is going to be forwarded to.
[3] your mobile phone number.
[4] your last offer.
Also you will not be in-care of the shipment to my country, because I have a trusted International shipper that I have been using for the past 18 years that will come for the pick-up of the goods in your location after payment has been confirmed by you.
Please make sure you do everything to make the purchase as clean as it was mention.any other interested parties tell them it has been sold.
My Regards to you and your family."

Je ne saisis pas tout. Qu'en pensez-vous?

Merci d'avance.

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Arnaque, bien sûr...
Mais d'habitude, ça vient d'Abidjan ou de Dakar.

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Les arnaques en provenance de RCI sont majoritairement en langue fraçaise. C'est pour çà que j'ai été interpellé par cette réponse. En plus, je me demande comment çà peut intéresser quelqu'un d'aussi éloigner.
Mais c'est bien ce qu'il me semblait: je n'ai pas tout compris sur le mode de paiement, mais çà sent l'embrouille à plein nez!

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