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Marc Delcroix

Session Pro-Am à l'European Planetary Science Congress à Nantes le 1er octobre 2015

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Salut à tous,

Pour information le programme de la session collaboration pro-am à l'European Planetary Science Congress 2015 qui aura lieu à Nantes fin septembre/début octobre (la session sera le jeudi 1er octobre après-midi).
Nous espérons vous-y voir, n'hésitez pas à faire circuler l'information à ceux que cela pourrait intéresser!

Bons cieux,


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Sujet : Pro-am session at European Planetary Science Congress 2015 in Nantes, France
Date : Sun, 30 Aug 2015 21:53:51 +0200
De : Marc Delcroix <>


The co-conveners and I are glad to inform you of the program of the professional-amateur collaborations session at the European Planetary Science Congress which will be in Nantes, France from 27 Sept. 27th to 2 Oct. 2015.
That program is very diverse, with presentations/posters not only on planets study but also on phemus, occultations, fireballs, asteroids, radio astronomy, observatories ...

We all hope to see you there, for more information please visit

Thursday, Oct. 1st 2015 pm:

AM1, Amateur and citizens collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies, Oral Program, 14:00–15:30, Room Mars

14:00–14:15 EPSC2015-50 The results of the 2015 campaign of observation of mutual events of the Jovian satellites by J.E. ARLOT, E. SAQUET, and N. EMELIANOV

14:15–14:30 EPSC2015-619 Jupiter’s Galilean satellites mutual events as a teaching tool by J.F. Rojas and A. Sanchez-Lavega

14:30–14:45 EPSC2015-379 The Campaign for the Occultation of UCAC4-347-165728 (R=12m2) by Pluto on June 29th, 2015 by W. Beisker, B. Sicardy, D. Berard, E. Meza, D. Herald, D. Gault, J. Talbot, H.-J. Bode, F. Braga-Ribas, T. Barry, J. Broughton, W. Hanna, J. Bradshaw, S. Kerr, and H. Pavlov

14:45–15:00 EPSC2015-140 Virtual Observatory tools and Amateur Radio Observations Supporting Scientific Analysis of Jupiter Radio Emissions by B. Cecconi, S L G Hess, P Le Sidaner, R Savalle, S Erard, A Coffre, E Thétas, N André, V Génot, J Thieman, D Typinski, J Sky, and C Higgins

15:00–15:15 EPSC2015-799 How Amateur Astronomers Can Support the Juno Mission by M. Delcroix and G. Orton

15:15–15:30 Discussion on possible amateur support to planetary probe missions (Juno, Exomars 2016, Rosetta, Akatsuki, ...)

16:00–16:15 EPSC2015-46 Circulation of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot measured from amateur and Hubble images by J. Rogers and M. Jacquesson

16:15–16:30 EPSC2015-339 2014 Uranus storm activity observations by amateur astronomers by M. Delcroix

16:30–16:45 EPSC2015-913 The “Station de Planétologie des Pyrénées” (S2P), a collaborative science program in the course of a long history at Pic du Midi observatory. by F. Colas, A. Klotz, F. Vachier, M. Birlan, B. Sicardy, J. Lecacheux and the The Station de Planetologie Team
AM2, Collaborative platforms and tools for pro-am-citizens studies in planetary science, Oral Program, 16:00–17:30, Room Mars

16:45–17:00 EPSC2015-131 Gaia-GOSA: An interactive service for coordination of asteroid observation campaigns by T. Santana-Ros, P. Bartczak, and T. Michałowski

17:00–17:15 EPSC2015-604 Vigie Ciel a collaborative project to study fireballs and organise meteorite recoveries by F Colas, B Zanda, S Bouley, E. Lewin, J. Vaubaillon, C. Marmo, M Rotaru, L Labenne, J.F. Julien, M. Linares, A. Steinhausser, J.L. Rault, and P. Vernazza

17:15–17:30 EPSC2015-748 Sciences for Exoplanets and Planetary Systems : web sites and E-learning by F. Roques, C. Balança, Y. Bénilan, J.M. Griessmeier, E. Marcq, T. Navarro, S. Renner, J. Schneider, and C. Schott

AM1, Amateur and citizens collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies, Poster Program, 17:45–19:15, Poster Area

P189 EPSC2015-182 Amateur – professional collaborations in Giant Planets Atmospheres Research through the Planetary Virtual Observatory of the International Outer Planets Watch (PVOL - IOPW) by R. Hueso, J. Legarreta, and A. Sánchez-Lavega

P190 EPSC2015-412 Amateur Astronomy - An Alternate way of Astronomy Education by s. chatterjee

Do not hesitate to forward this information to anyone who could be interested.




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Salut à tous,

Pour information, une page avec plein de présentations intéressantes sur la session pro-am à l'European Planetary Science Congress de cette année à Nantes:
Un très agréable moment avec entre amateurs et professionnels!

Bons cieux,


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