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europa ganymede Io eclipse

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CELESTIA 1.6.0 (+38 min) calcul

europa Io => 20/08/2009 10h44 UTC

europa Io => 22/08/2009 4H44 UTC

ganymede Io => 23/08/2009 3h23 UTC

Ganymede Io => 24/08/2009 1h28 UTC

europa Io => 25/08/2009 0h16 UTC

europa Io => 25/08/2009 18h16 UTC

europa ganymede => 26h08/2009 11h08 UTC

europa Io => 28/08/2009 13h58 UTC

europa Io => 29/08/2009 7h43 UTC

ganymede Io => 30/08/2009 7h54 UTC

ganymede Io => 30/08/2009 12h39 UTC

Ganymede Io => 31/08/2009 5h01 UTC

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