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Sites of interest in Spectro

Atlases, astrophysical data...

A Stellar  Spectral Flux Library (Pickles) - (PASP 110, 863, 1998) Catalog of 131 spectra for all the spectral types
Optical and UV Standard Spectrophotometric Stars "Welcome to a tool for finding suitable optical and ultra-violet spectrophotometric standard stars on the sky most appropriate to reduction of astronomical spectroscopic observations". ESO.
Spectroscopic Data - (ADC) Astronomical Data Center's Spectroscopic data holdings
Digitized spectra data - numerous links to spectral atlases
Synthetic spectra of elements - generate a synthetic image of the spectrum of some elements.
Atlas of OH lines  - OH lines sky spectra - Rousselot et al., 2000, A&A
Spectral Stellar atlas - HST standard stars atlases, CDBS stellar spectral atlases, CDBS spectral atlases of galaxies and emission line objects,
Libraries of stellar spectra - (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - plenty of links to databases, atlases...
FAST stellar spectral atlas - very userfriendly access of spectral with images and list of stars for each spectral type.
BVRI standard stars - a list of Bright equatorial standards
Type I vs Type II supernovae spectra
The spectrum of planetary nebulae - nice plot of color spectra of planetary nebula by a Java applet
Planetary nebulae (1) - some basics on the planetary nebulae
Planetary nebulae (2) - A Gallery of Optical Images of Planetary Nebulae
Planetary nebulae (3) - Planetary Nebulae Gallery
Planetary nebulae (4) - Planetary nebulae observer's home page
Cometary spectra (1) - example of Hyakutake
Cometary spectra (2) - images of plot spectrum of some comets
Shell stars
The Wolf-Rayet stars
Wolf-Rayet Stars Research Group - an entry point to other resources on this topic
The BeStar NewsLetters - new link - electronic edition
Be stars - an introduction
Be stars - Nice Observatory
Be stars - Paris Observatory
Spectroscopic Binary Catalogue
Spectroscopic Binaries from the Toulouse General Catalogue - (Pedoussaut+ 1985)
Model Spectra (Kurucz database) - site from Kurucz on atmosphere models
Richard O. Gray SPECTRUM software - free software to generate synthetic spectra
Theoretical spectrum of sun - usage of SPECTRUM by german amateurs

Quasars having z > 4
The spectrum of the gas-discharge lamps
Spectra of spectral lamps - scroll down the page...
Extrasolar planet search (San Francisco)
Extrasolar planet search (Geneva)
General data on stars - site, basic stars informations on line

Some "Spectro" friends...

Christian Buil - a must, nothing to add...
Maurice Gavin - very good exploitation of the spectrography field... Visit absolutely!
Spectrashift (Tom Kaye) - How to measure Doppler effects - Spectacular.
Steve Dearden - Very complete review of commercially equipement and numerous result.
CAOS group - Exploitation of a spectrograph with optical fiber. A professional job.
Dale Mais - How to use the SBIG spectrograph and a good discussion about calibration - a must on synthetic spectra !
Richard Hill - An example of objective prims spectrograph
Didier and Stéphane Morata - Good exemples of spectra, Be stars (in french).
André et Sylvain Rondi - spectro observations, with plenty of new explerience and observations
Starphysics - Fine site for amateur spectroscopy and  download SBIG spectra
Günter Gebhard - An excellent site, many links, description of an interesting echelle spectrograph and the use of optical fiber.
Wide Field Spectral Imager - Very good realization and comet spectra.
Ernst Pollmann - Monitoring of peculiar stars.
Don Davies
Nick Glumac
Gunther Muller
Jorg Schirmer
Fujii Bisei Observatory
Frederick Veio - How to construct a spectrohelioscope.
Mike MacNeil - The camanche North Observatory
Randy Lauderbaugh- cookbook and webcam spectra, and an historical hall of fame on Spectroscopy
Willow Creek Observatory - with a very nice publication on radial velocity measurement !

Some educational sites...

Spectroscopy Astronomy Camp - A lot of links here.
CCD School Notes: CCD spectrography
Forum for AstroSpectroscopy Amateur
The optics of spectroscopy
Stellar Classification
Classification of Stellar Spectra
Project CLEA: Classification of stellar spectra
Measuring the basic Properties of Stars
Imagine the Universe
Doppler Shift demonstration
Laser Star Astrophysics
Quantum atom - Very attractive
Introduction to spectroscopy
- astronomy 405 university of british columbia courses and excercices
General astronomy courses - point to excellent presentation on general astronomy topics like HR diagram, binary systems, stellar evolution
Spectroscopy basics -
Star structure and spectroscopy - by Dr Jamie Love
La lumière en astronomie - excellent résumé sur les bases de la théorie des spectres de l'observatoire midi-pyrénées

General Astronomy

There is not only spectroscopy in life... there is also Astronomy !

AstroCam (the reference site)
The Association of the Electronic Users of Detectors (AUDE)
Astrosurf (SAP) (a large resource of astronomicals links)
Association T60
la ferme des etoiles

Christian Buil home page
Jean Montanné home page
Thierry Legault home page (a must and good links!)
Cyril Cavadore home page
Lunar and Planetary (an excellent site of Antonio Cidadao)
Yves Roudier home page
David Romeuf home page

For reference
Station of Planetology of the Pyrénées
Observatoire du Pic du Midi
Sun Diameter- JP.Rozelot

Ciel et Espace - french astronomical magazine and association

Ulm University
DSRS (Dundee Station)
La chaine météo
Satellite images
Site of Signal Karten (very many cards: temperatures, wind, pressure...)