Installation of Visual Spec

This version is a major release - it will completely re-install Vspec, even if you previously installed older version. Open and run VSpec as admin if you encounter dll registration issues.

Make sure you run the installation with administrator rights, and run Vspec.exe as admin as well. If you see some ocx or dll reported as missing or unregistred, try to run Vspec.exe as admin the first time. To do this, right click on the icon, do not select "open" but "run as admin" in the context menu.

Vspec440 setup.exe 

  • Download in a temporary directory
  • Run the setup.exe in admin mode
  • Once installed, run vpsec.exe in admin mode to avoid message on dll or ocx unregistered

Content of the Visual Spec directory .

    Libspec directory 
    Spectral library. Sub-directory "libspec" with 123 reference spectrum of the library. - 

    Bright Star Catalog. Bright Star Catalog in the Excel format

    Help files

    Spectrum directory
    The Spectrum application from R.O.Gray to generate synthetic spectrum from an atmospheric model. Models are provided in the models sub-directory.

    Bess_VO directory
    This directory is empty but it will be filled by the spectra from the BeSS Database from Paris-Meudon (GEPI) upon query. 

    H2o correction
    H2o correction files: 3 different files, pick the one you prefer... H2o.dat, or H2o5.dat, or H2o_geisa.dat - Make sure you select the file in the preferences of the application.

     The executable required for GnuPlot (V4.0) to run in command mode and additional VSpec files like the command file gnutest.txt and the style file std.gnu. Copy the zip file in the Vspec.exe directory before unzipping. Make sure the files are DIRECTLY in the Visual Spec directory and NOT in a sub directory - Gnuplot is a grapher application, public, but copyrighted, visit the GnuPlot official website

    Training directory 
    Files to excercise (Optional)
    You can download here an additional "goodies" which contains 38 ascii txt files frm the luke.lst line list from R.O.Gray, Appalachian State University. Copy the zip file in the Vspec.exe directory before unzipping. Warning, this is a 3Mb size file. You can use Vpsec without it.

Having issues, questions or suggestions ? 

Despite my efforts, bugs or unexpected troubles may occurs. With the help of many of you, here are some tricks you can find useful... 

    Warning 1: never delete the directory which are indicated as the default directories for images or profiles. You will have to re-install Vspec. 

    Warning 2: if the message "VB6fr.dll est introuvable" appears make sure there is copy of the file in System32 or sysWOW64 directory, the file shall be in the vspec directory, if not get the file

    Warning 3: If you cannot run excel functions like finding spectral types or coordinates, make sure you authorize Excel application to run macros (Security levels)

    Warning 4: It seems that VSpec has issue when installed in another drive than c:/

    Warning 5: install in admin and run Vspec in admin (right click and select open as admin) if you have message telling some ocx are not properly registered.

    Warning 6: if you have some read/write issues with request to BeSS, or other strange folder forbidden access, try to install Vspec in root directory (aka not is program files folders) which maybe protected.


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