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This section is dedicated to profile examples with spc file download.

Some spectra have been otbained by several spectroscopy amateurs with different instrumentation. Only the Resolution is indicated. Refer to author's web pages for their instrumental configuration.

The profile file contains the raw data, no correction of flux have been applied. This set represents the variety of response curve which alter the continuum of each object.

A big thanks to the contributors !

Sorry, this is still Work In Progress !


A classical reference - the best object to start with - several spectra at different resolution

SS Cyg

A cataclysmic variable - not easy to catch but quite surprising

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3Alp Lyr
RA : 18 h 36 mn

Dec: 56.3 38° 47 ''

Spc Type: A0Va
Simbad link

14.2 ang/pixel
4000 to 7800 ang.
C.Buil - grism - T190


7.7 ang/pixel
3800 to 8700 ang.
ETX 90 - Grating 300lp/mm - obj 35mm


4.3 ang/pixel
3600 to 6400 ang.
Jack Martin (UK) - scanned from film


1.8 ang/pixel
5900 to 7200 ang.
C.Buil - CB spectro - T190


 Variable stars

SS Cyg
U Gem Class


Spc Type:
Simbad link

10.4 ang/pixel
3500 to 7500 ang.
T60 - CB spectro


 A-type stars

29 Vul
RA:20 h 38 mn

Dec: 31.3 21° 12 ''

mv: 4.82
Spec. Type : A0V
simbad link

5.7 ang/pixel
4000 - 8000 angstroms
T60 Pic du midi - CB Spectrograph



NGC 6826 Planetary nebulae

5.7 ang/pixel
3500 - 7500 angstroms
T60 Pic du midi - CB Spectrograph