Californian Astronomical Observatories
Mount Wilson
Official website here
Mount Wilson and the Hoocker 100 inches telescope is the famous place where Edwin Hubble put in evidence the recession motion of the galaxies.

Such discovery of a current expansing universe was a major discovery. Einstein came here to meet Hubble himself.

Now, if the telescope is not in operation, the solar tour and an interferometer are still in activity and delivers professional results

Mount Palomar
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The 200 inches telescope of the mount Palomar was the largest telescope in the 70's and produced almost all the images that we dreamed about when we were young...

This is really a mythical place

RTMC - Riverside Telescope Maker Conference
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The RTMC is an amateur gathering to show their best telescope construction.

It is also the opportunity for commercial telescope companies to exhibit their products.

In the middle of a large field, under a quite hard sun, we visited the stands of some famous companies, this time in direct and not passing through distributors
In the mean time, other stands exhibits all type of spare parts and artistic work related to astronomy.
Last lunch with Kevin and Dale
But the real purpose of the party is go around amateurs instrument, home-made with a lot of innovation and passion of well done things. The look into a big solar spectroheliograph was very interesting
We did not stay for the night, but all the game is here to go and test the different instruments
Turism in California...
Joshua Tree park is a desert with strange geological formation and plenty of variety of cactus.
Cholan Cactus Garden
Ouch, it hurts..
The Joshua Tree is a very typical cactus which can take very bizarre shapes.

It does not cover all the desert of Joshua Tree Park, but are mainly located around the Hidden Valley and on the road to Key View

Circle Lodge, at 29 Palms, a very nice play to stay. The rooms are arranged all around the swimming pool (and Jacuzzi) and have a backdoor to get direct access to your car.

Very nice arrangement, a very quiet place to rest after a long day in the warm desert...

Back to Los Angeles, a quite empty freeway, just 8 to 9 lines...
The beach at Oceanside, with the pier and some adict surfers
Santa Monica Beach, like Deauville beach but with almost no tide and a warmer climate.
View from the Santa Monica beach, on our way to the pacific.

Behind the palm trees, the blue building with yellow top is the historical Georgian Hotel, where we stay for our two last days

Santa Monica Pier - Do you remember the movie 1942 where the big wheel was rolling down to the sea ? that's it... Downtown L.A.
And finally, how could we miss the Hollywood part ?

The sign is a symbol, and the hollywood boulvard a strange place where we met strange people...

Somewhere in another galaxy... that was our trip in California.