Symposium of Society for Astronomical Science

Big Bear - California

24 & 25 th of May 2005

Christian Buil and myself was invited to present the spectroscopic work of the french community at the annual seminar of the Society for Astronomy Science.

by Valerie Desnoux

It was a great experience, we were so well welcome by the entire attendance. After years of emails exchanges with Dale Mais, a very active amateur practicing spectroscopy, on how to use Visual Spec, we finally met face to face and this was so great.

The Society of Astronomical Science is an association to promote sciencitific observations in US amateurs community. Derived from the former IAAPP west wing, they finally formed the SAS gathering amateurs around photometrics observations and now extending to spectroscopy.

The program of the two days was quite intense with presentations during the day, posters and unformal discussion in the "hosptality" room during the evening.

Olivier Garde and Florence Magnan joined us and we formed a small french community

The event took place at Big Bear Lake, in California, at about 3 hours drive from Los Angeles.

From the bank of the Lake one can see the automatic solar observing station.

The Northwood resort hotel is a very nice and luxous place in the center of the small city
The presentations was all of great level. A lot of interest in asteriods photometry and on variable stars like the cataclysmic stars, but also some good technical papers on the use of observations database and measurements errors. The database are really a growing interest and this shall be a good take-away for the ARAS community. Presenters of the NASA was there and tried to engage people for solar wings observations to validate their future solar wing program.
Images courtesy Olivier Garde
It was with a great emotion that I had to present the Be Star survey started in France and covered all the work being done so far by the newly formed international ARAS community (Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy).

If you want to unformally join the list, please connect here to the Yahoo list...

The complete proceedings of the symposium can be found here

You can download my presentation here
Tom Kaye presented his future High resolution fiber spectrograph
Center for Backyard Astrophysic presented their program on Cataclysmic Variables

Visit here their website

It was a great opportunity to meet US amateurs of Astronomy, the unformal discussion went very well during the breaks
Olivier bought a SolarMaxScope of 60mm at Tucson and the nice blue sky allows us to see the flame of the sun from the parking lot

Sponsors suported the event and made some demosntration of their recent products development like SBIG with Alan Holmes presenting the new DSS7 spectrometer.

At the end of the second day, as all french seminar, it ended with a Banquet...
This looks like the Aude association Banquet, but in a quite luxous place...
Tom Kaye,  Dale Mais, Christian and Valerie
But noway to leave without a live session of Visual Spec !! and great drinking of californian wine (no picture...)
Our visit to California was not limited to the symposium.

We visited some famous observatories around and spent few hours at the RTMC star party

Continue the visit with us !