Total Solar Eclipse
29 March 2006

Gundogdu - Turkey

Pixels & Cassoulet expedition !

Left, the wide-field experience (400 mm lens + Canon 5D), right, the spectroscopy experience (Canon 24-70 + Canon 350D).

The fisheye experience (Peleng 8 mm & Canon 10D).

Transit of the moon umbra
Fisheye lens Peleng 8 mm stopped at f/8 - Canon EOS 10D DSLR - ISO 400 - Expoure: 1/90 s. A new image each 10 seconds.

The movie

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Left: second contact, mid: the totality, right: third contact.

The third contact
Peleng 8 mm fisheye + EOS 10D

 The totality.

7 seconds before third contact.

8 seconds after third contact.

60 seconds after third contact.

4 minutes after the third contact.

The second contact
Canon lens EF 400 mm 1:5.6 L (used at f/5.6) - Canon EOS 5D DSLR - ISO 50.
Exposures of 1/200 s at ISO 50 with a linear polarization filter in place (nearly absorption of 50%)

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Inner corona near the time of second contact
8 x 1/20 s + 8 x 1/3 s (polarization sequence)
A radial filter is used for enhance the contrast (Iris implementation)

Wide-field image
Canon lens EF 400 mm 1:5.6 L (used at full aperture) - Canon EOS 5D DSLR - ISO 50.
Inner corona: Stack of 8 x 1/20 s exposures through a linear polariser - rotational gradient processing.
Outer corona: Stack of 2 x 2 s + 2 x 1 s exposures (no optical filter) - The diffuse corona is removed (fitted by a Lorentzien function).
Photosphere image incrustation: 1/8000 s through an Astrosolar ND=3.8 film (image taken some minutes before first contact).
The saturated part of the image (non-valid data) is masked with a dark disk.

Small (1096 x 730)
Medium (2193 x 1460)
Large (4386 x 2920)

Field stars identification
The scale of the image is of 4.2 arcsec/pixel

Large (4386 x 2920)

Detail of a rectilinear plume.

Image of the moon surface
Canon 400 mm lens + Canon EOS 5D - 6 seconds exposure at ISO 50.
Mid-exposure start 15 seconds only before the third contact (the right side of the image shows some bloom).

Polarization experience
Measure of the sun's corona polarization
For details, click here

Polarization degree of the corona.

Spectroscopy experience
Canon lens 24-70 mm 1:2.8 L used at f/4 + Canon EOS 350D (ISO 100). Grating: Jeulin 300 g/mm in front of the objective.

Left, zero order. Right, first order. Exposure: sum of 3 x 1/30 s. The green line Fe XIV at 5303 A dominate the coronal emission.

Second order spectrum. Exposure: sum of 3 x 1/4 s. The green line at 5303 A (Fe XIV) is the principal feature. The small dot are from the spectral emission of the chromosphere.
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1999 spectrum.

Le groupe Pixels & Cassoulet à Istambul. Dernier jour du voyage !
De gauche à droite, Pierre Thierry, Alain Klotz, Christian Buil, Valérie Desnoux, Michelle David, Raymond David, Michel Pujol, Robert Delmas.
Sur la gauche, le Bosphore et la Grande Mosquée.

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