CRATERS (section no.38)

Ameghino [3.3oN, 57.0oE]             Apollonius [4.5oN, 61.1oE]             Auzout [10.3oN, 64.1oE]

Back [1.1oN, 80.7oE]             Banachiewicz [5.2oN, 80.1oE]             Boethius [5.6oN, 72.3oE]

Bombelli [5.3oN, 56.2oE]             Cartan [4.2oN, 59.3oE]             Condon [1.9oN, 60.4oE]

Condorcet [12.1oN, 69.6oE]             Daly [5.7oN, 59.6oE]             Dubiago [4.4oN, 70.0oE]

Fahrenheit [13.1oN, 61.7oE]             Firmicus [7.3oN, 63.4oE]             Hansen [14.0oN, 72.5oE]

Jansky [8.5oN, 89.5oE]             Jenkins [0.3oN, 78.1oE]             Knox-Shaw [5.3oN, 80.2oE]

Krogh [9.4oN, 65.7oE]            Liouville [2.6oN, 73.5oE]             Neper [8.8oN, 84.5oE]

Nobili [0.2oN, 75.9oE]            Peek [2.6oN, 86.9oE]             Petit [2.3oN, 63.5oE]

Pomortsev [0.7oN, 66.9oE]             Respighi [2.8oN, 71.9oE]             Sabatier [13.2oN, 79.0oE]

Schubert [2.8oN, 81.0oE]             Shapley [9.4oN, 56.9oE]             Stewart [2.2oN, 67.0oE]

Tacchini [4.9oN, 85.8oE]             Theiler [13.4oN, 83.3oE]            Townley [3.4oN, 63.3oE]

van Albada [9.4oN, 64.3oE]             Virchow [9.8oN, 83.7oE]            Wildt [9.0oN, 75.8oE]

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