Fabbroni [18.7oN, 29.2oE]             Fabricius [42.9oS, 42.0oE]            Fabry [43.0oN, 101.2oE]

Fahrenheit [13.1oN, 61.7oE]             Faraday [42.4oS, 8.7oE]             Fauth [6.3oN, 20.1oW]

Faye [21.4oS, 3.9oE]             Fedorov [28.2oN, 37.0oW]            Fényi [44.9oS, 105.1oW]

Fermat [22.6oS, 19.8oE]             Fernelius [38.1oS, 4.9oE]            Feuillée [27.4oN, 9.4oW]

Finsch [23.6oN, 21.3oE]             Firmicus [7.3oN, 63.4oE]            Flammarion [3.4oS, 3.7oW]

Flamsteed [4.5oS, 44.3oW]             Focas [33.7oS, 93.8oW]            Fontana [16.1oS, 56.6oW]

Fontenelle [63.4oN, 18.9oW]             Foucault [50.4oN, 39.7oW]            Fourier [30.3oS, 53.0oW]

Fox [0.5oN, 98.2oE]             Fra Mauro [6.0oS, 17.0oW]            Fracastorius [21.2oS, 33.0oE]

Franck [22.6oN, 35.5oE]             Franklin [38.8oN, 47.7oE]            Franz [16.6oN, 40.2oE]

Fraunhofer [39.5oS, 59.1oE]             Fredholm [18.4oN, 46.5oE]            Freud [25.8oN, 52.3oW]

Froelich [80.3oN, 109.7oW]             Fryxell [21.3oS, 101.4oW]            Furnerius [36.3oS, 60.4oE]

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