L'allemand [14.3oS, 84.1oW]             la Caille [23.8oS, 1.1oE]             la Condamine [53.4oN, 28.2oW]

la Pérouse [10.7oS, 76.3oE]             Lacroix [37.9oS, 59.0oW]            Lade [1.3oS, 10.1oE]

Lagalla [44.6oS, 22.5oW]             Lagrange [33.2oS, 72.0oW]            Lalande [4.4oS, 8.6oW]

Lamarck [22.9oS, 69.8oW]             Lamb [42.8oS, 100.8oE]            Lambert [25.8oN, 21.0oW]

Lamé [14.7oS, 64.5oE]             Lamèch [42.7oN, 13.1oE]            Lamont [5.0oN, 23.2oE]

Landsteiner [31.3oN, 14.8oW]             Langley [51.1oN, 86.3oW]            Langrenus [8.9oS 60.9oE]

Lansberg [0.3oS, 26.6oW]             Lassell [15.5oS, 7.9oW]            Laue [28.0oN, 96.7oW]

Lauritsen [27.6oS, 96.1oE]             Lavoisier [38.2oN, 81.2oW]            Lawrence [7.4oN, 43.2oE]

le Gentil [74.4oS, 76.5oW]             le Monnier [26.6oN, 30.6oE]            le Verrier [40.3oN, 20.6oW]

Leakey [3.2oS, 37.4oE]             Lebesgue [5.1oS, 89.0oE]            Lee [30.7oS, 40.7oW]

Legendre [28.9oS, 70.2oE]             Lehmann [40.0oS, 56.0oW]            Lepaute [33.3oS, 33.6oW]

Letronne [10.6oS, 42.4oW]             Lexell [35.8oS, 4.2oW]            Liapunov [26.3oN, 89.3oE]

Licetus [47.1oS, 6.7oE]             Lichtenberg [31.8oN, 67.7oW]             Lick [12.4oN, 52.7oE]

Liebig [24.3oS, 48.2oW]             Lilius [54.5oS, 6.2oE]            Lindbergh [5.4oS, 52.9oE]

Lindblad [70.4oN, 98.8oW]             Lindenau [32.3oS, 24.9oE]            Lindsay [7.0oS, 13.0oE]

Linné [27.7oN, 11.8oE]             Liouville [2.6oN, 73.5oE]            Lippershey [25.9oS, 10.3oW]

Littrow [21.5oN, 31.4oE]             Lockyer [46.2oS, 36.7oE]            Loewy [22.7oS, 32.8oW]

Lohrmann [0.5oS, 67.2oW]             Lohse [13.7oS, 60.2oE]             Lomonosov [27.3oN, 98.0oE]

Longomontanus [49.5oS, 21.7oW]             Lorentz [34.3oN, 96.9oW]            Louise [28.5oN, 34.2oW]

Louville [44.0oN, 46.0oW]             Lovelace [82.3oN, 106.4oW]            Lubbock [3.9oS, 41.8oE]

Lubiniezky [17.8oS, 23.8oW]             Lucian [14.3oN, 36.7oE]            Ludwig [7.7oS, 97.4oE]

Luther [33.2oN, 24.1oE]             Lyell [13.6oN, 40.6oE]            Lyot [50.2oS, 84.1oE]

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