Nansen [81.3oN, 95.3oE]             Naonobu [4.6oS, 57.8oE]            Nasireddin [41.0oS, 0.2oE]

Nasmyth [50.5oS, 56.2oW]             Natasha [20.0oN, 31.3oW]            Naumann [35.4oN, 62.0oW]

Neander [31.3oS, 39.9oE]             Nearch [58.5oS, 39.1oE]            Neison [68.3oN, 25.1oE]

Neper [8.8oN, 84.5oE]             Nernst [35.4oN, 94.5oW]            Neumayer [71.1oS, 70.7oE]

Newcomb [29.9oN, 43.8oE]             Newton [76.7oS, 16.9oW]            Nicholson [26.2oS, 85.1oW]

Nicolai [42.4oS, 25.9oE]             Nicollet [21.9oS, 12.5oW]            Nielsen [31.8oN, 51.8oW]

Niépce [72.7oN, 119.1oW]             Nobili [0.2oN, 75.9oE]            Noether [66.6oN, 113.5oW]

Nöggerath [48.8oS, 45.7oW]             Nonius [34.8oS, 3.8oE]            Norman [11.8oS, 30,4oW]

Nunn [4.6oN, 91.1oE]

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