W. Bond [65.3oN, 3.7oE]             Wallace [20.3oN, 8.7oW]            Wallach [4.9oN, 32.3oE]

Walter [33.0oS, 0.7oE]             Wargentin [49.6oS, 60.2oW]             Warner [4.0oS, 87.3oE]

Watt [49.5oS, 48.6oE]             Watts [8.9oN, 46.3oE]            Webb [0.9oS, 60.0oE]

Weichert [84.5oS, 165.0oE]             Weierstrass [1.3oS, 77.2oE]            Weigel [58.2oS, 38.8oW]

Weinek [27.5oS, 37.0oE]             Weiss [31.8oS, 19.5oW]            Werner [28.0oS, 3.3oE]

Wexler [69.1oS, 90.2oE]             Whewell [4.2oN, 13.7oE]            Wichmann [7.5oS, 38.1oW]

Widmanstätten [6.1oS, 85.5oE]             Wildt [9.0oN, 75.8oE]            Wilhelm [43.1oS, 20.8oW]

Wilkins [29.4oS, 19.6oE]             Williams [42.0oN, 37.2oE]             Wilson [69.2oS, 42.4oW]

Winthrop [10.7oS, 44.4oW]             Wolf [22.7oS, 16.6oW]            Wollaston [30.6oN, 46.9oW]

Wöhler [38.2oS, 31.4oE]             Wright [31.6oS, 86.6oW]            Wrottesley [23.9oS, 56.8oE]

Wurzelbauer [33.9oS, 15.9oW]             Wyld [1.4oS, 98.1oE]

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