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Carlo Cuman,Giuliano e Michele Edoni,Giampaolo Salvato have taken hundreds of pictures of the sky and published many of them on newspapers and astronomical magazines, either national or international.And our loving Astronomy and Nature


From left to right Carlo e Alessandro Cuman with AP900 GTO AP 155 F7

Giuliano e Michele Edoni with EQ6 FS2 BORG 100 F6.4 APO ED






Back Giampaolo e Francesco Salvato With AP 1200 FS2   RC 12' F 8



 Our instruments included :

 AP 155 F 7 with focuser 4'

Borg 100 ED APO F6.7

RC BDU 12' by Astrotech

Mount : AP 1200 FS2- EQ6 FS2

Meade LX 200  10'   Pentax SDHF 75

Filter for H-Alpha Daystar 0.5 University

Prism of Herschel

Many Body and Objective Pentax 6x7

Nikon F3 and objective

N 2  CCD Starlight SXV-H9 plus autoguider 

Filter Astronomik and Hutech type III

Autoguider : SBIG STV, ST4

Nikon 4500 Coolpix, 








Edoni's and Salvato's observatory 













( before a night of the sky )










Every Year for the last 6 year

Carlo Cuman and Your friends

organize in opportunity of the holiday 

of the flowers,"The show of the Sky"

in the Cologna Veneta (VR)



Carlo Cuman want to thank  photographer Vinicio Rossi for his patience,velocity and cure in printing photo.





We are enrolled association astro amateur "EDMUND HALLEY" Sossano (VI)



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