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Map created in Guide 7.0 with the figure outline based on Johannes Hevelius' Uranographia (1690). Click on the object's name to access its image or click on the name of adjacent constellation to see its map.

Andromeda, the Chained Maiden, is an ancient constellation. In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Her mother boasted about her and Andromeda being more beautiful than sea nymph and that offended Poseidon. As the result of his anger, the royal city of Joppa (now Tel Aviv) was ravaged by floods and Cetus, the Sea Monster. To appease Poseidon, Andromeda was chained to the seaside rock as a sacrifice. However, before Cetus could devour her, it was defeated by Perseus who happened to fly-by on Pegasus after killing Medusa.

The most famous deep sky object in Andromeda (if not of the whole Northern Hemisphere skies) is the Great Andromeda Galaxy (M31). This object and a few others can be accessed through the interactive map above.

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