M39 = NGC7092 ( 21h 32.3m +4826, 4.6 mag. )

This large open cluster in Cygnus was discovered by LeGentil in 1750 but Aristotle mentioned it in 325 B.C. Messier observed it on October 24, 1764. It is about 950 ly away and measures 7 ly across. 10x50 binoculars will fully resolve M39 which is located about 9 NEE of Deneb and forming zig-zag pattern with r Cygni, p2 Cygni and p1 Cygni (see finder chart below). The surrounding area of Milky Way is permeated by long streaks of dark nebulae - one of the best examples is B168 leading toward Cocoon Nebula.

The above image represents autoguided 20 min. exposure on Ektachrome P1600 slide film taken on Oct.26, 1998 through Ultima 8 f6.3 from Sooke, BC.

North is up.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 10. North is up.

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