Spiral Galaxy NGC1232 in Eridanus

(RA 3h 09.8m , Dec. -20 35', 10.0 mag., 6.8' x 5.6' )

This face-on spiral galaxy is located close to another fine Eridanus target - beautiful barred spiral galaxy NGC1300. To find NGC1232, look about 240' NWW of t4 Eridani (see finder chart below).

The image above was taken on December 20, 2000 from Harrowsmith, Ontario. Cookbook 245 LDC camera was used on Celestron Ultima 8 SCT with f3.0 focal reducer. Unguided white exposures (21 x 60 sec.) were combined using AIP4WIN.

Almost half of the original frame is shown above. North is to the right.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 745'. North is up.

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