NGC7331 Group in Pegasus

(NGC7331 : RA 22h 37.1m , Dec. +3425', 9.5 mag., 10 x 4 arcmin.)

Large and bright spiral galaxy NGC7331 is accompanied by smaller satellite galaxies NGC7335, NGC7336, NGC7337 and NGC7340. The whole group can be spotted about 430' NNW of h Pegasi (see finder chart below). Another fine group of galaxies, Stephan's Quintet, is located just 30' SW of NGC7331.

The above image was taken on September 28, 2002 from Harrowsmith, Ontario. Cookbook 245 LDC CCD camera was used on Ultima 8 f6.3 telescope autoguided with Cookbook 211 LDC camera on a piggybacked 500mm f8 telephoto lens. It is composed of white exposures (5 x 240 sec. and 20 x 120 sec.) as well as cyan, magenta and yellow-filtered (7 x 120 sec. each) integrations processed with AIP4WIN. Color image was adjusted in Lab color space using Corel PhotoPaint 8.

North is up.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 745'. North is up.

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