Who am I ?

I was born in in the 70's in Vicenza, a nice city located in the north east of Italy but since several years I relocated in Asia (Shanghai) because of my work. My Passion began when I was twelve and for the first time I put my eye on the eyepiece of a little 1" refractor aimed to the Pleiades Cluster. It was love at first sight. After few months I had my first scope, a little 60mm refractor, and less than one year later I took my first pictures of the sky.

Since then I have taken thousands of pictures of the sky and published many of them on newspapers and astronomical magazines, either national or international. I am a member of my local astronomy club, Gruppo Astrofili Vicentini, since its foundation. When I have chances I travel to dark sites in Canary islands, Namibia and Australia to enjoy the glorious view of the Universe from those pristine skies.

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Gabriel Favetto, Gelys Trancho and myself (left to right)
in front of the National Telescope Galileo Dome
(Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma)
Me with my OTA over a G11 mounted on the semi-permanent pier supplied at Hakos Farm