NGC3576/3603/3572 Carina complex

Field centered on R.A. 11h 10' & Dec. -59 50'


Nebular complex between the Southern Cross and Eta-Carinae. NGC3576 is the bright nebula with the arches below the center in the image above. Located roughly at 285 degrees galactic longitude, where the Sagittarius Arm begins to curve back around the galaxy, it is about 7000 light years away, one third of the distance of NGC3603, prospectively aside (left in the image above) of NGC 3576. This latter is perhaps the largest nebula in our Milky Way galaxy, spanning over 20 light years across and set approximately 20,000 light years away. NGC3572 is the V shaped nebula and cluster visible above the center in the image above.

Click here for an enlargement (postcard style) at higher resolution of NGC 3576 area.


Apo Pentax SDHF75 (75/f6.7) + Vixen Sphinx SXD SBIG STL11K, binning 1x1, T=-20°C Ha (70m) L (20m) RGB (15m each) Optec HaLRGB filter set

Maleene station, Mt. Magnet, W.Australia





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