Animation with the variable stars RR Lyrae in the center aera of the globular cluster M15.

October 7th, 2008   Pic de Château-Renard  Observatory  -AstroQueyras- .         Approximate duration : 3 hours .

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Numerical camera CANON 350D (+ filter Baader) at the  focus of the 62 cm Cassegrain Telescope / F15 / FL: 9m .

Each frame is the addition of  five 60s exposure images  at 800 ISO processed with IRIS .(light ddp).

Some RR Lyrae varible stars identified ... 

I find the result rather positive because  good number of variables are quite visible (near to their maximm) and one guesses the variation of colors .     Pease 1,  the well known planetary nebula is easily locatable .

Because of some troubles with bad balancing telescope, registration and homogeneity of the core, I added a fourth frame to decrase the jolt between the third and the first one.



(C) Robert CAZILHAC                                                                              Link to my french page .