Spectroscopy in amateur astronomy is not a very well explored domain. Too many times, once spectra images are recorded, images stay unexploited due to a lack of adapted software tools. VisualSpec has been designed to answer to this.
Visual Spec is a software designed for amateurs to process spectral images. It provides a set of functions dedicated to Spectral analysis and allow the amateur to extract scientific measurements from their spectral images.
This site is not dedicated on how to record star spectra, what is the device required or the diffenrent optical combination which can be used to obtain spectraimages. If you are looking for this type of informations, visit the following site http:\astrosurf.org\buil\spectro.htm

  • Calibration and correction functions
    Wavelenght calibration is used to allow spectra comparison and lines identification with better accuracy. It is the basic spectral processings which enable most of the spectral measurements and functions.
  • Spectral lines identification toolbox
    Visual Spec includes several library which help for line identifaction or spectral type comparison.
  • Multiples formats for data exportation
    Once analysis is done, results can be exported in different file format: text file, graphic image in .bmp format, list in X,Y colums like the .dat format.
Files Format

Two types of documents are managed by Visual Spec:

  • Image documents, fits or pic format
  • Profil documents, spc format created by the application. 

Profil document is generated from a spectral image or from an X,Y list stored in a simple text file. Profil document displays the intensity curve of the spectrum by pixel. After wavelenght calibration it then will be possible to change the pixel axis into wavalenght axis.