Some tools indispensable to wire the Audine camera. The picture below shows what is necessary:

You must get a digital voltmeter equipped with touch points. With about 250FF you can find multimeters allowing to measure tensions, but resistances and capacities too…Indispensable. You need a little stabilized power-supply allowing to deliver +/-15V under at least 100mA. This latter can be easily fabricated with a small transformer, some capacitors, diodes and integrated regulators like the 7815 and 7915. But it's not sure that this process pays indeed, bacause such a power-supply can be found already done , for sale, for less than 300FF. The model shown on the picture below has the reference AL890N by ELC. It is available at many elecronic material secondhand dealers'. Compact, easy, efficient and cheap, this power-supply will be your ideal companion. Of course you can use a more sophisticated model, allowing for example to measure the current output, which is practical to spot anormal consumptions of the electronics.
Among the other practical accessories, we must point out the solderer vice that will facilitate the processes like the wiring of the connectors.

Still in the accessories chapter, you must dispose of a watchmaker srewdriver to adjust the value of the multitour potentiometers and a bigger screwdriver to make lever in order to take the integrated circuits away from their holder. A magnifying glass can be useful to check the solders or read some of the indications on the small electronic components.

A good lighting is very important to avoid tiring one's eyes and doing nonsense. Think too that you will probably build Audine in the evening.

It must be pointed out that an oscilloscope is absolutely not indispensable to build Audine. Fortunately,because it would be by far the most expensive tool (several thousands francs). The whole procedure to test Audine is based on the use of a digital multimeter. However, for those who already possess an oscilloscope, you will find in this assembly account some indications on the look of the signals you can visualize with it. But, let's repeat it, your Audine camera can be assembled without the help of an oscilloscope if you follow scrupulously the indications of this notice.

Of course a computer is indispensable for the assembly and the use of Audine. A portable one will surely be attractive, because light and compact. You will probably be able to lay it on your desk. A PC of type Pentium, even with low clock speed, is perfectly suitable to guide Audine. You must however, on this PC, dispose of at least 50Mo free harddisk space to install softwares and record your first images. Windows95/98 must be installed on the computer.