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The Dorval Astronomy Club (Quebec, Canada) welcomes you to their website!

The club began in 1971 by a group of young science amateurs from which the name CDADFS (*Comité D'Analyse Des Faits Scientifiques*/
Analysis Committee of scientific facts). Under the direction of Gilbert St-Onge, the committee soon evolved into an astronomy club all the while retaining it's name.

The meetings take place in the chalet of
St-Charles Park , 88 St-Charles ave. in Dorval,Quebec, entrance thru the parking on Martin ave.(facing City Hall). They happen every second monday from 8-10pm during the summer and every monday the rest of the year. You can check the schedule to know the dates of the meetings.The meetings are very informal, and shyness is not required.

If you wish to become a member, the fees are $10 for residents of Dorval and $15 for non-residents (includes FAAQ membership).

You want to know
what a typical meeting is like? What sort of atmosphere? Click here!




- RY Tauri, la nébuleuse aux filaments, avec Gilbert St-Onge et Pierre Bastien

Magazine Astronomie Québec, téléchargez l’édition août/septembre 2015, page 37


- Messier 15 et Pease 1 (plus qu’un amas globulaire)

Magazine Astronomie Québec, téléchargez l’édition novembre/décembre  2014, page 30


- À la portée de tous NGC2261 et HH-39, par des amateurs québécois,  

Magazine Astronomie Québec, téléchargez  l’édition juillet / août 2014, page 32


- La lumière cachée, Troisième partie (RY Tauri)

  Magazine Astronomie Québec, téléchargez l’édition mai / juin 2014, page 40


- La lumière cachée, deuxième partie  (RY Tauri)

Magazine Astronomie Québec, téléchargez l’édition mars avril 2014, page 34



The Dorval Astronomy Club would like to thank the City of Dorval for it's collaboration with the infrastructures as well as the representatives. We truly appreciate this collaboration and are always proud to represent the City of Dorval in all contexts and at the many scientific events we take part in.

The Dorval Astronomy Club would like to thank the Hon. Marlene Jennings for her contribution to the Perseid evening.

Hon. Marlene Jennings - MP Notre-Dame-de-Grâce – Lachine
6332, Sherbrooke Street West, Montréal, Québec H4B 1M7 (514) 489-8703

The Dorval Astronomy Club would like to thank the provincial government for their support towards the club's activities within the Support to Voluntary Action program.

Provincial Government Website

Mr. Geoffrey Kelley - M.N.A. for Jacques-Cartier and President of the 'Commission de l'administration publique' - 475, avenue Dumont, Bureau 100, Dorval (Québec) H9S 5W2

The Dorval Astronomy Club would like to thank Mr. François Ouimet for his support within the Support for Volunteer action program.
Mr. François Ouimet - M.N.A. for Marquette and President of the Commission for territory management, 655, 32e Avenue, Bureau 202, Lachine, Québec H8T 3G6






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