Supernovae - Year 2004

2004A NGC6207 16h43.0m +36d50m0 2004dbNGC7377 22h47.9m -22d20m0
2004C NGC3683 11h27.5m +56d53m0 2004ddNGC124 00h27.9m -01d49m0
2004D UGC6916 11h56.5m +39d44m0 2004deNGC3054 09h54.5m -25d42m0
2004E Anonymous 13h16.9m +31d35m0 2004dfAnonymous 15h08.3m +21d53m0
2004F NGC 1285 03h17.9m -07d18m0 2004dgNGC5806 15h00.0m +01d53m0
2004G NGC5668 14h33.4m +04d27m0 2004dhMCG+04-1-48 00h18.0m +24d34m0
2004N Anonymous 05h35.3m -69d27m0 2004diUGC10097 15h55.7m +47d52m0
2004P UGC8561 13h35.0m +34d03m0 2004djNGC2403 07h37.3m +65d36m183
2004S MCG-05-16-21 06h45.7m -31d14m0 2004dkNGC6118 16h21.8m -02d16m0
2004T UGC6038 10h56.2m +47d24m0 2004dnUGC2069 02h35.6m +37d38m0
2004U Anonymous 11h07.3m +28d32m0 2004doNGC6708 18h55.6m -53d43m0
2004abNGC5054 13h17.0m -16d38m0 2004drESO479-G42 02h46.9m -22d38m0
2004acIC4769 18h47.7m -63d09m0 2004dtNGC799 02h02.2m -00d06m0
2004amNGC3034 09h55.8m +69d41m0 2004duUGC11683 21h08.4m +18d11m0
2004aoUGC10862 17h28.2m +07d25m0 2004edNGC6786 19h10.9m +73d24m0
2004apPGC29306 10h05.7m +10d16m0 2004eeESO298-G7 02h06.2m -37d20m0
2004aqNGC4012 11h58.5m +10d01m0 2004efUGC12158 22h42.2m +20d00m0
2004ar2MASX J09594822+09h59.8m +11d28m0 2004ejNGC3095 10h00.0m -31d33m0
2004asHOLM 254B 11h25.7m +22d50m0 2004ekUGC724 01h10.0m +32d23m0
2004avESO571-G15 11h41.0m -22d29m0 2004elMCG+09-25-04 14h59.9m +54d37m0
2004awNGC3997 11h57.8m +25d16m0 2004emIC1303 19h31.5m +35d52m0
2004ayUGC11255 18h29.0m +51d39m0 2004enANONYMOUSGALAXY 02h36.4m +35d59m0
2004bcNGC3465 10h59.5m +75d11m0 2004eoNGC6928 20h32.9m +09d56m0
2004bdNGC3786 11h39.7m +31d55m0 2004eqESO404-G12 21h57.2m -34d35m0
2004bgUGC6363 11h21.0m +21d20m0 2004esUGC3825 07h23.6m +41d26m0
2004bhUGC5161 09h40.9m +27d47m0 2004etNGC6946 20h35.4m +60d07m356
2004biUGC5894 10h47.6m +26d18m0 2004euMCG+07-5-39 02h20.6m +41d34m0
2004bkNGC5246 13h37.5m +04d06m0 2004ewESO153-G17 02h05.1m -55d07m0
2004blMCG+00-31-42 12h15.2m -03d26m0 2004exNGC182 00h38.2m +02d43m0
2004boESO576-G54 13h26.1m -19d47m0 2004eyUGC11816 21h49.1m +00d27m0
2004bqESO597-G32 20h44.0m -20d40m0 2004ezNGC3430 10h52.3m +32d57m0
2004brNGC4493 12h31.1m +00d37m0 2004faMCG-05-48-5 20h22.6m -29d49m0
2004bsNGC3323 10h39.7m +25d19m0 2004fbESO340-G7 20h15.4m -37d31m0
2004buUGC10089 15h54.9m +21d07m0 2004fcNGC701 01h51.1m -09d42m0
2004bvNGC6907 20h25.1m -24d49m0 2004fdNGC1060 02h43.3m +32d25m0
2004bwMCG+00-38-19 15h03.8m -03d18m0 2004feNGC132 00h30.2m +02d05m0
2004cbESO445-G20 13h43.8m -29d45m0 2004fuNGC6949 20h35.2m +64d48m0
2004ccNGC4568 12h36.6m +11d15m0 2004fxMCG-02-14-3 05h11.2m -09d24m0
2004ciNGC5980 15h41.5m +15d47m0 2004fzNGC783 02h01.1m +31d53m0
2004crUGC11603 20h36.1m +63d44m0 2004gcARP327 05h21.8m +06d41m0
2004csUGC11001 17h50.2m +14d17m0 2004geUGC3555 06h50.0m +25d38m0
2004cvMCG+03-41-120 16h06.2m +18d25m0 2004gkIC3311 12h25.6m +12d16m0
2004cwESO184-75 19h31.0m -53d32m0 2004gqNGC1832 05h12.1m -15d41m0
2004cxNGC7755 23h47.9m -30d32m0 2004gtNGC4038 12h01.8m -18d52m0
2004cyESO403-G9 21h34.4m -33d23m0 2004gvNGC856 02h13.6m -00d43m0
2004daNGC6901 20h22.4m +06d26m0     

Fig 1. SN 2004 with measures or images
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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