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Animations obtained from Carcavelos, Portugal, with a 14" SCT at f/10, a ASI183MM pro camera (original sampling 2x2 bin) and a 1000nm IR filter or a CH4 filter. Each frame results from stacking a 1min SER file. Frame time (UT) was 17.52 (first frame) and 18:12 (last frame). Jupiter was maintained in a fixed position. Jupiter rotation, Galilean satellite motion, Saturn and background star motion can be observed. Also notice distinct Jupiter and Saturn appearance with long-pass IR (>1000nm) and Methane (889nm) filters.

Click here to see a labeled higher resolution IR1000nm animation

Click here to see a labeled higher resolution CH4-IR1000nm animation


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Moon-"Light" Atlas reference

First MARS observation of the current apparition (Jan14, 2001)

MARS in 1999 (click on thumbnail to access a larger image)

6.5MB of planetary data images from 2000/2001 Jupiter (and Saturn) apparition

JUPITER at opposition            GANYMEDE (Galileo Regio)


Jupiter in December 11, 2000

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