Hubble an experience to disprove relativity

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Section 1) Einstein's theory where it comes from?
Section 2) Focal displacement with light speed change
A) If Einstein was wrong the effect on space telescope
B) Wave theory and focal displacement in reflection
Section 3) Hubble proves our theory
A) It was not a structural defect.
B) Astronomers comments for near objects
C) Astronomers comments for far objects
D) Press release as published
Section 4) Theory light propagation
Section 5) Michelson Morley experiment
Section 6) Details of calculations

Speed Vectors for a rocket travelling close to light speed

"diagram # 1 " Speed Vectors
rocket travelling close to light speed

Section 1) Einstein's theory of special relativity where it comes from?
Einstein's theory originated from Michelson and Morley's experiences with the speed of light in ether. Michelson never concluded that the speed of light was a constant like Einstein did in his theory. However, Michelson explanations were rejected probably because at the time they did not complied with the others theories for light propagation such as refraction. Michelson and Morley's experiences is the crucial idea that led Einstein to formulate his theory, his first postulate -- the speed of light will be seen to be the same relative to any observer, independent of the motion of the observer -- is. It means we can define a quantity c, the speed of light, which is a fundamental constant of nature.(according to Einstein)
"ref : Eisntein theory"
Ref. experiences by Michelson et Morley

Einstein needed a constant for the speed of light in order to anchor his formula E = m c². No one can contest this proven formula and yes it implies that light speed be a constant. The question is how to define the speed constancy for light "c". From Michelson experience he defined it as an absolute value : its speed can only be 300 000 km/sec.

To explain that, he goes over Michelson's experience with the interferometer. But beware of what he does. He starts with an impossible statement and build a mathematical model that as a solution in a imaginary world of the fourth and fifth dimensions. In the Speed vectors diagram # 1 on the left, he states that the vectors "a" and "b" the speed of light measured in a rocket flying at a speed "v" have the same value. Mathematically he says that "b" the measured absolute speed of light is a projection of a vector from an other dimension.

The vectors equation a + v = b is impossible if b = a (when "v" is at 90 degrees with "a"). Einstein knew that and the theory was never proven. Because of Michelson's experience we agree that in our reference system belonging to the earth, we will always measure the speed of light at 300 000 km/sec. BUT WHY IS THE BIG QUESTION, there are other explanations.
At the end we give an explanation, based on existing physic's laws. When we account for the nature of light how it travels it is simple no need for the "relativity". Unfortunately we accept Einstein's impossible statement and refer to it as "the special theory of relativity". As of now science has not explained the double nature of light, particles and the wave theory. There is no doubt in my mind the true answer lies there.

Ref.#6 Théorie de la relativité restreinte

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