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The main purpose of this site is to show that a mythical instrument for observation, which seemed unaffordable to the amateurs, can now be considered and made without many difficulties and expenses, as well as telescopes or more recently electronic CCD cameras.

It is in this particular case about the spectroheliograph, an instrument intended to produce monochromatic images of the Sun in various wavelengths and almost reserved until now for professional observatories. Thus, it is an incentive intended for the amateurs to exploit new possibilities when technology allows it. This realization is only an example and - not to doubt it - can be largely improved.

You also will found here all my solar observations and a small gallery of my nocturnal observations.


Observation of the Sun should not be made without thinking. The use of instruments such as binoculars or telescopes strengthens very seriously the risks of burns and blindness if all the precautions are not taken. Beginners, please, get advises from qualified persons !!

Thanks for asking the authorization for any use of images, illustrations or texts.