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Realm of nebulae

Subject: M1, Taurus

Author: Solomon

Scope: Meade SCT 16" LX200, NOAO

Exposure: RGB stacking

CCD: SBIG with colored filter wheel

Image processing: Yes

Date: ~1999

Subject: M8, Serpentis

Author: David Hanon

Scope: Astro-Physics 7", 178 mm f/9 refractor on Byers mount

Exposure: RGB stacking

CCD: SBIG ST-8 with AO-7 adaptive optics

Image processing: Unsharp masking with Adobe PhotoShop

Location: USA

Date: ~1999

Subject: M16, Serpentis

Authors: Thierry Lombry

Scope: PlanetWave CDK 508 mm f/6.8

Exposure: 95 minutes incl. 55 min. in RGB (3x 8x100s under R,G,B filters) + 40 min. (8x 300s) in B/W under red filter

Accessories: FLI Color Filter Wheel, 0.66x focal reducer, RGB filters


Image processing: Photoshop

Location: Siding Spring, Australia

Date: June 2019

Subject: M16, Serpentis

Authors: Philip Perkins, Trent Kjell, Roland Christen

Scope: 3 Astro-Physics scopes where used, 180 mm f/7 EDF refractor + Maksutov-Newton 235 mm f/4.3 +  Maksutov-Cassegrain 250 mm f/14.6

Exposure: Stacking of 9 images (3x 3 RGB)

Accessory: ST-10 with CFW-8 Color Filter Wheel, FLI MaxCam CM10-2E with Custom Scientific Hα filter


Image processing: CCDSoft, Mira Pro, MaxIm DL/CCD, Sigma Beta, Photoshop

Location: USA

Date: Aug 2002

Subject: M20, Sagittarius

Author: Jay R. GaBany

Scope: RCOS 20", 500 mm of aperture

Exposure: 10 hrs incl. L=360 min., R=120 min., B=120 min.

Accessory: Astrodon E-serie filters

CCD: Apogee Alta U16 M

Image processing: Yes

Location: Blackbird observatory, Australia

Date: 2010

Subject: M27, Vulpecula

Authors: Keith B. Quattrocchi and Bray Falls

Scope: RCOS Ritchey-Chrétien 16", 400 mm f/9

Exposure: 7.7 hrs (8x 10 min. (1.1 hr) in Hα, L, R, G, B, SII and OIII)


Image processing: CCDStack, Photoshop CS4, PixInsight

Location: Auberry, California

Date: 23 April and 2 July 2021

Subject: M27, Vulpecula

Author: Francesco di Biase

Scope: GSO Ritchey-Chrétien carbon 10", 250 mm f/8

Exposure: 22.5 hrs in 6 nights (Hα 16x 1800 s + SII 13x 1800 s + OIII 10x 1800 s + 3x RGB 6x 600 s)

CCD: Moravian G2-4000 + AOLF StarlightXpress

Image processing: Pixinsight for stacking and Photoshop for postprocessing

Location: Italy

Date: 2015

Subject: M27, Vulpecula

Author: Roland Christen

Scope: Astro-Physics Maksutov-Cassegrain 10", 250 mm f/14.6

Exposure: LRGB stacking, RGB=5 min. each + L=10 min.

CCD: SBIG ST-10E with color filter wheel, binning 2x2

Location: USA

Date: 2002

Subject: M42, Orion

Author Jason Ware

Scope: Meade RCX400 12", 305 mm f/8

Exposure: RGB composite, R=SIII=4h, G=Hα=2h, B=OIII=2h

CCD: Meade DSI guider + Yankee Robotics Trifid-2 6303E

Image processing: MaxIm DL, PhotoShop and Gralak Sigma

Location: Dallas, USA

Date: 2005

Subject: M42, Orionis

Author: Jon Christensen

Scope: Takahashi 210 mm f/3 astrograph

Exposure: LRGB stacking (113+18+12+18 min.), binning 2x2


Image processing: PhotoShop

Location: Arizona, USA

Date: 20 Nov 2004

Subject: M42, Orionis

Author: Akira Fujii

Scope: 12" f/5 reflector

Film: Fujichrome R-100

Exposure: 50 minutes with cold camera

Image processing: Unsharp mask under Photoshop by T.Lombry

Location: Japan

Date: ~1980

Subject: M42, Orionis

Author: Bobby Middleton

Scope: 12.5" f/7 newtonian

Exposure: Stacking of 12 images, 10x 60 min. + 2x 3 min. for the core

Film: Hypered Kodak PJ400

Image processing: Unsharping mask using Jesse Lodriguss's technique

Location: Dallas, USA

Date: Sept and Nov 2000

Subject: M42 Trapezium, Orionis

Author: Kim Taehwan

Scope: 16" (400 mm) f/4.3 dobsonian on EQ2 mount

Exposure: 800x 1 second

CCD: ZWO Optical ASI174MC

Image processing: Yes

Location: South Corea

Date: Feb 2016

Subject: M42 Trapezium, Orionis

Author: Giovanni Dal Lago

Scope: Celestron SCT 14" f/7

Exposure: Stacking of 50 images (L=16x 8 min. + R=G= 10x 8 min. + B= 14x 12 min.)

CCD: DTA HiResII 1600

Image processing: MaxIm DL, Photoshop

Location: Portugal

Date: ~1999

Subject: B33 area, Horse Head, Orionis

Author Star Shadows Remote Observatory

Scope: RCOS 16" f/8 on Takahashi FSQ GEM

Exposure: RGB stacking


Location: New Mexico, USA

Date: 2005

Subject: B33 the Horse Head, IC434 and NGC 2023, Orion

Author: Rolf Olsen

Scope: Newtonian 317 mm (10.5") f/4

Accessory : Cooling system to -25°C/-32°C

CCD: QSI 683wsg-8

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 2015

Won the 2015 Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition in "Deep Sky" category.

Subject: M57, Lyrae

AuthorMichel Peyro

Scope: 600 mm f/3.5 newtonian

Exposure: LRGB stacking

CCD: Hisis 22 + Schott colored filters

Image processing: Yes

Location: France

Date: ~2000

Subject: IC 1848, Cassiopeia

Author: Rolf Geissinger

Scope: TEC 140 mm f:/7 on 10micron GM2000 mount

Accessory: Off-axis guider Starlight Xpress SX Lodestar

CCD: FLI Microline ML 16803-65 + Baader selective filters Hα, OIII, SII, R, G, B

Exposure: 9.58 hrs or 12x 20 min. Hα; 8x 20 min. OIII; 8x 20 min. SII; 1 x 5 min. RGB

Image processing: MaxIm DL, Registar, Photoshop CS3

Location: near Stuttgart, Germany

Date: 2012

Subject: NGC 2237, Rosetta (Monoceros)

Author: Didier Keus

Scope: Astro-Physics 130 mm f/7 on AP900GTO mount

Exposure: 8 hrs, R=Hα 18x 20 min., G/B=SII+OIII 12x 10 min., binning 2x2


Image processing: Yes

Location: Belgium

Date: 2015

Subject: NGC 2237, Rosetta (Monoceros)

Author: Dick Locke

Scope: Takahashi TOA 130 mm and FSQ-85 refractors with focal reducer on AP900GTO mount

Accessory: Hα, OIII, SII filters

Exposure: 17.7 hrs (75x 5 min. Hα + 62x 5 min. color + 30x 5 min. Hα + 30x 5 min. OIII + 15x 5 min. SII)

CCD: QHY8 color and SBIG ST-8300m

Image processing: Yes

Location: USA

Date: 2010, 2013

Subject: NGC 2237, Rosetta (Monoceros)

Author: Ray Gralak

Scope: Astro-Physics 105 mm f/4.5 refractor on AP1200 mount

Exposure: LRGB + Hα stacking


Location: California, USA

Date: 6 Nov 2000

Subject: NGC 7000 and the Milky Way, Cygnus

Author: Roger N. Clark

Optics: DSLR Canon EOS 6D Mark II with Sigma 105 mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art telelens

Mount: Fornax Lightrack II without guiding

Exposure: Stacking of 28 images exposed 30 seconds each at ISO 1600

Image processing: Rawtherapee and rnc-color-stretch

Location: USA

Date: 8 November 2018

Subject: NGC 7000, NGC 6997, Pelican, Denebn Cygnus

Author: Paolo Moroni

Optics: Canon 200 mm USM f/2.8

CCD: Moravian G2-8300 f5 cooled at -25°C

Accessories: Filters RGB, Hα, OIII, and guiding scope Sky-Watcher 80 mm f/5 achromat

Monnt: Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Goto

Exposure: Total  integration time of 28.1 hours (RGB: 96x 1 minute + Hα: 31x 30 minutes)

Image processing: 50 darks and 50 bias/offsets, Photoshop CC, PixInsight 1.8, MaximDL, PHD guiding

Location: Firenze, Italy

Date: Oct 2017

Subject: NGC 7000, NGC 6997, Pelican, Deneb, Cygnus

Author: Michael Leung

Optics: DSLR Canon CDS-600D with Samyang 135 mm f/2 ŕ f/2.8 telelens

Accessories: Active cooling system CentralIDS, guiding system QHY5L-II Mono

Mount: iOptron ZEQ25GT

Exposure: Total integration time of 92 minutes at ISO 1600

Image processing: Open PHD 2

Location: Yinna mountains, Meizhou, Canton, China

Date: 17 Oct 2015

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