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Radio Astronomy

VLBA at Hawaii,

Science & Technology

How to start in radio astronomy, by Jeffrey Lichtman, SARA

A basic radio telescope, by Jim Sky, Radio-Sky Publishing

The design and building of a large dish antenna rotor, by Cliff Bates, KC7PPM

Space Communications with Mars, The Deep Space Network

Amateur Radioastronomy by F5VLB (aussi en français)

Catalogs and listings

Audio and sounds files, solar flares, Jupiter storms, aurora, pulsars, and more

Hams in the sky, radio or astronomy? Both!

SETI programs carried out to date, Excel sheet

Officials frequencies bands allocated to radio astronomy, IAU

Astrophysical spectral lines, IAU

Planetary Radio Show, link to the weekly radio show at TPS

The Parkes Observatory’s Support of the Apollo 11 Mission, 500 KB PDF, PASA

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