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Radio amateur activities of LX4SKY

The Author's QSL


Introduction to the world of ham radio

Files to download & Ham Links

How to become an amateur radio? (en franšais)

Audio and sound files

The ham-spirit from hobby to contests

Traffic and codes

Clusters and packet radio

Hamshacks of dream

Satellites reception

Hams in the sky

Work the world with EchoLink !

Digital Radio Mondiale

Meteor Scatter communications

The time in the world

ISS "ET Shadow" experiment


The History of Amateur Radio

The History of Torre Bert

The Titanic tragedy, sunk between CQD and SOS

The future of communications

Technical reviews

Ham software review

Basics of antennas

All about Lightning protection

From Longwire to Yagi

How to select an HF transceiver ?

Equipment for portable HF operations

Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V transceiver review

Assembling your antenna system

Kenwood TS-570D(G) transceiver review

Select your antenna rotating system

Check your transmitter power

What directive antenna to select ?

Principles of amplification

The mystery of radials

How to select a solid-state HF amplifier ?

From dB to S-point : Learn to play with power units

How to select a tube HF amplifier ?

SWR, the radiation resistance

How to preserve your tube lifespan ?

All about Transmission lines

Electromagnetic radiations and your health

Wire antennas for listeners

RFI, troubles and solutions

G5RV multi-band antenna

MFJ-1026 Deluxe Interference & Noise Canceler review

ALA 1530 active magnetic loop antenna review

BPL communications & the amateur radio


Real-time status of solar, geomagnetic and auroral activities

Review of HF propagation analysis and prediction programs

The radio propagation

What can we expect from an HF propagation model ?

Ionospheric perturbations

VOACAP review

HF Propagation tutorial, by Bob Brown, NM7M

WinCAP Wizard review

CQ DX for a SWL (and others)

DX ToolBox review

The short history of the Smoothed Sunspot Number

HFProp review

Eclipses and the D-layer absorption

DX Summit Cluster, LOTW, DXHeat, WebSDR (links)

Back office activities

DX entities without ham activity

QSL confirmed

QSL and green stamps

Awards and certificates

Chasing QSL cards

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