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  1. 2 dessin de comete Holmes

    Bonsoir Yann, Boris and Phil. Thank you very much for your comments and the good start for me into Astrosurf! Because of the feedback i'll like to post sketches from time to time again at your nice forum. Yann: quote:I see them quite often on the Astrotreff forum and give their links in Ciel Extrême http://astrosurf.com/cielextreme when they deal with deep sky. Ah, you know "Astrotreff" And of course i know the Website of Ciel Extrême and besides this some of your dozens DSO-descriptions at visualdeepsky.org. Nice to read a comment to my sketches from such an experienced observer like you! Boris: quote:Can you explain how do you draw? I'll try to explain it in a few words, because my skill in speaking english is far from beeing good too I draw at the eyepiece a raw sketch (outlines, stars and some notes) conventionaly with paper and pencil. At home the work will be continiued 100% with a drawing-programm called "PaintShop Pro": i open my saved star-pattern where i've made the stars one time as best as possible (creating the stars every time new is impossible) and copy them into the arising sketch to the correct position. The object itself is made with brushes wich differ in size, density and opacity. I only use the Lighten/Darken option and modify nearly every single pixel of the object individually to its correct brightness. Its a lot of work - for the both Holmes sketches it took more than 20 hours... thousands of "mouse-clicks" where needed till the sketch is finished. I normaly do not use such brushes like soften/sharpen because for me the effect is looking mostly unrealistic. So all the work have to be done by lighten or darken the pixel "manually".For a much more detailed description i think the translation via, for example, "translate.google.com" will work good enough to understand the most of what i have written under "Zeichentechnik" at my Homepage. There you can find some screenshots of an arising sketch too.Phil: quote:I like very much the little fuzziness around the stars . Thank you But this version of my stars was new made for the Holmes sketches and now i think that the glow around the brighter stars was to prominent. So meanwhile i was fading the glow a little bit and in future sketches it will appear slightly less obvious.Amicalement, Daniel http://astro-visuell.de
  2. Bonsoir AstroSurf, first of all: i'm sorry, but i can't speak french But i'm really enjoying all the great dessins from you and so i would like to present you my dessins of the great comet. Unfortunatly here in germany the weather only gave me two chances to view comet Holmes so far. I've created an animation to document his movement and changes in appearance: And here are both sketches individually: The Brightness of your Monitor is correctly calibrated when you see just a little difference between the second and the third bar of my Greyscale (a faint Halo is now visible on both dessins).Amicalement, Daniel http://astro-visuell.de