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  1. At some point I will upgrade to another camera for spectroscopy. Would the Atik ACID7.1 be a good choose? Dick
  2. Success With Demetra

    Vega08082020.pdf I was able to attach the profile using REPLY. Dick
  3. Hi, I finally was successful in using Demetra in acquiring and doing the data reduction of a star, which, not surprising, was Vega. My main obstacle, before, was calculating the SMILE in the GEOMETRY section, but it worked this time. When I did the RESPONSE the IR didn't look quite right, but otherwise things seemed to work. I wanted to attach a copy of my profile, but when I clicked CHOOSE FILES nothing happened. It was the first time that I used the guiding module and my mount was tracking well enough that Vega stayed in the slit during the entire exposures, which were 5-15 s frames. To get the exposure I took single exposures and increased the time until I got an over saturation warning and then decreased to the last exposure time. My focusing could have been better. I then tried Beta Lyrae, since I was in the neighborhood, got a couple of under exposed spectra, and no success doing the data reduction. Again, since I was in the neighborhood, I got a quick shot of M 57 and was not able to use Demetra to get a profile, but used RSpec with some success. It was a bit noisy, exposure off, but my first spectrum capture of an extended object. Next on my list is learning to use PHD 2 to help in tracking. Thanks Dick
  4. Hi, I think you're correct-I spent today setting up and focusing my guiding module. Dick
  5. Hi Again, While I like my Atik Infinity for images , the resolution is not that great. I was thinking that I use my ZWO 178 mono for calibration and the Infinity for images and see how that works. Dick
  6. Hi Nicolas, Attached is 1 of 6 images of P Cyg and the 1 image of Alpy calibration images. I also got 7 bias frames, darks, and flats. Dick vega
  7. Hi Again, Here's a profile of a spectrum I got last night and when I did the data reduction the same thing happened with 'Geometry' but the wavelength seems to be fairly close. Dick Vega_4.pdf
  8. Here's thw Calibration screen Calibration.pdf
  9. Hello Nicolas, Thanks for you input. I've just started using Demetra and really like it. I was our last night and used Demetra to get some spectra using it to get correct exposure and focusing work well. I use a 10" Meade SCT with f/6.3 reducer, Atik Infinity monochrome camera and the Alpy Calibration module. I'm not comfortable using the guiding module yet , so I used the small slit to get my bias frames, darks, flats, and calibration and put them in a file. I use the 3mm hole to get my spectra. When I do the data reduction and get to "Calibration" I click "Geometry", then 'Tilt'-"Calculate"-"Detect" and that works fine. I the do "Smile"-"Calculate"-and when I click"Detect" a screen shows 'Warnin-Invalid Search' I then enclose one of the bright vertical line and then"Preview" and nothing happens. I run them anyway and get yellow warnings. I checked "Calibration"->"Run" and it said "Image wavelength correct" and the Calibration srceen is attached Thanks Again Dick Calibration.pdf
  10. Hi, I've just started learning Demetra to reduce my data and get spectra profiles. I had previously posted a profile of Vega and, attached here, a profile of Beta Lyrae. In both cases, the wavelength of absorption and emission lines were off. What could I do to correct this? Thanks Dick
  11. Vega (1) .pdf Hi, After correcting some glitches with my Alpy-Camera I imaged a spectrum of Vega the other night and got my Masters and calibration from Alpy calibration module. I think that I will enjoy using Demetra to do data reduction. Hopefully I will be out tonight and get spectra of various stars and use Demetra to get their profiles. Attached is a screenshot of the profile of Vega. Thanks Dick
  12. Making Progress With ISIS-But?

    Hi Olivier, Attached are 2 raw images-a 10 s expoure and a 60 s exposure. Both are from Shelyak calibration. Thanks Again Dick
  13. Making Progress With ISIS-But?

    Sorry-pressed wrong key-correct one was entered and can be seen above this one. Dick
  14. I've been trying to learn how to use the ISIS program to do data reduction on my spectra and have been making some progress. When I get to PROFILE I get this profile (which is attached) of spectrum from my Alpy calibration lamp. I acquired the calibration spectrum using different exposures - 10s, 20s, 60s, and 120s. This profile is from 10s exposure, but they are all about the same. I use an Atik Infinity monochrome camera. The resolution of the profile is not what I expect. been