Dobson Making

This site is made to help those who wish to build a dobsonian telescope, motorized or not. Some pages take a long time to download because we took the option to publish images of good quality to be able to be used as well as possible. Many thanks to John Lightholder for his great help in translation.

Pages with a french flag are not yet translated.

Amazing :

1m dobson

Making a dobson:


Dobsons, elements to be known (partially translated)

ABC Dobson


Lightweight Dobson 

Astatic supports

Chrysocal levers

lateral supports


Dob driver installation (personal webpage)



Alternative Dob driver setting


Optical quality

"Sur un effet thermique observé dans les télescopes à réflexion"

Les têtes binoculaires

La mise en température

Star test  

Storage box

Problems with Torus mirror (now Optical Mechanics OMI)

Tips and technic: 


Gluing with PU

Gluing composite

Making a wooden paste

Polystyrene Cutting


Sky Commander

Dobson gallery



32" Dobson 


dob16v.jpg (12219 octets)

Dobson 400

460 bino

dob508v.jpg (9882 octets)

Dobson 508mm

dob560.jpg (12019 octets)

Dobson 560mm

Lunette "dobson" de 50mm


465mm fiberglass dobson


dob406v.jpg (8664 octets)
16inch Dobson 

dobson 406

300v.jpg (11583 octets)

Dobson 300





Dobson 660