NOVA Del 2013 = V339 Del

An amateur spectroscopic survey of a bright classical CO Nova


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Nova Del 2013 = V339 Del

Discovered by: Koichi Itagaki (Teppo-cho, Yamagata, Japan), at mag 6.8 (Unfiltred CCD), 2013 Aug. 14.584 UT

Coordinates: R.A. 20 23 30.73  Decl. +20 46 04.1  (2000.0)

R.A. (2000) 20 23 30.73 
Dec. (2000) +20 46 04.1



August 16th, 03:13ut Credit: Efrain Morales/Jaicoa Observatory.


The sort of program I have in mind could not be accomplished by one person, or even one observatory. [...] It would require co-operation between two or more observatories, and would involve the use of six or more intruments
Aside from the direct comparison feature, has not been done before ? The answer is yes it has in an utterly hapzard and unco-ordinated fashion. Each observer has obtained a record of the nova that served his propose very well. But when any attempt was made to synthesize the material, what a hodgepdge ! There has been cooperation, but only after the nova had run its course.
What is required is pooling the effort and ressources during the observing period.
Image that we were sufficiently clairvoyant to know that a bright nova would appear once year hence. I am sure our appoach would be very diffrent from what has caracterized previous observations of novae.

Dean B. Mac Laughlin, Problem in the spectra of novae, 1950, PASP


In July 2013, Steve Shore (University of Pisa) gathered several specialists of novae in Pisa : despite the numerous surveys of novae, some issues remain unsolved

The idea is to co-ordinate multi-wavelenght observations from gamma rays to IR on the "next" nova.

The amateur community is associated to the project for visual and near ir observation.

At mid-august 2013, one month after, Nova Del 2013 is detected by Koichi Itagaki at mag 6.3. Nova Del 2013 (V339 Del), IS "Pisa Nova" : classic, CO, bright nova (V = 4.3) in the northern sky, THE PERFECT NOVA.

As soon as the detection is revealed, the amateur spectroscops catch the photons of Nova Del 2013. The fist spectrum (an eShel spectrum, s'il vous plait) is acquired just a few hours after the annoucment of the nova.

During 4 months, amateurs will collect spectra, in parallel to professional observations (Gamma, X-rays, UV, Optical, ..)

From 14th of august to 26th of december 1100 spectra at resolution 600 to 15000,
Range : 3800 to 10000 angströms, have been acquired.
for a total duration of 2649180 seconds = 735.9 hours = 30.7 days

The spectra are gathered on :



The development of the nova is described on 4 pages with Steve Shore's comment

1. The fire ball and optically thick phase
From 14-08 to 22-08-2013

page 1

2. The fisrt decline - 1st part
From 28-09 to 10-09 2013

page 2

3. The first decline - 2d part
From 10-09 to 19-10-2013

page 3

4. The nebular phase
From 20-10 to 26-12-2013

page 4


The full text of Steve's comments is downloadable : Steve Notes

A ppt presentation of the campaign (up to 30th of october) can be downloaded : Nova Del 2013

Data base

ARAS Data Base : Nova Del 2013 database

Sort by resolution

The data base is also sorted by resolution

First spectrum
Last spectrum
Number of spectra


eshel 11000
flux calibrated

Typical spectra at various resolutions

R = 600
R = 1100
R = 2500
R = 11000
R = 15000  



Quality of the spectra

The spectra have been checked - wavelenght calibration and instrumental/atmospheric response - More than 95% have quality from "good" to "excellent"

Comparison of two spectra at the same date

Two observers,
Two setups

Comparison of an eShel fux calibrated spectrum (C. Buil) and a NOT result by Steve Shore : there's an excellent fit


Flux calibration

Some results from flux calibrated spectra (Intensity in erg/s/cm^2/A : abscisse = JD - 2450000)

More :



List of observers

38 observers joined the campaign

K. Alton
K. Graham 
D. Antao 
D. Greenan
E. Barbotin
J. Guarro 
P. Berardi
T. Hansen
T. Blank
D. Hyde
T. Bohlsen
T. Lemoult
F. Boubault
R. Leadbeater
D. Boyd
G. Martineau &
J. Briol
J.P. Masviel
Y. Buchet
J. Montier
C. Buil
B. Mauclaire
S. Charbonnel
E. Pollmann
P. Dubreuil
M. Potter
M. Dubs
J. Ribeiro
J. Edlin 
B. Schram
T. de France 
O. Thizy 
A. Favaro
J.-N. Terry
O. Garde 
F. Teyssier 
P. Gerlach
Quelques uns des observateurs français de la nova autour de Steve Shore à l'occasion du WETAL 2013 à Lyon



Publications using ARAS data base

Preprint Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2014 July





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