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  1. Binocolo IBIS 100HD

    Excellentes IBIS 100HD. Je vends le corps des jumelles avec les capuchons et l'emballage d'origine. les oculaires et les accessoires de l'image ne sont pas inclus. Je vends 1000 euros + frais de port et depuis l'Italie. vente privée. Le vendeur n'assume aucun risque d'expédition, qui sera géré directement par l'acheteur translated via google
  2. Je vends les oculaires en question comme neufs, comme neufs. Je vends avec leurs bouchons d'origine. Je n'ai pas les boîtes. Je vends 130 euros expédiés (le coût d'expédition est d'environ 26 euros ici depuis l'Italie) pièce. En bloc je vends à 360
  3. Vixen ED80S F 720

    Je recherche Vixen ED80S F 720, années 1990. OTA complet avec tous les accessoires d'origine (anneaux, plaque, capuchon viseur, etc.). En excellent état optique et mécanique.
  4. like new GT-40 cradle for FC-100DC, FC-100DF, FC-100DZ, FC-100DL (diameter 95mm) 170 euro + Shipping Costs
  5. Unused. like new price is in euro: 360 euro + ss costs The buyer pays and organizes the collection from my home
  6. come nuovo In ottime condizioni. l'ho usato su FC100DL e FS60CB. una flangia di connessione Ultracorta per FS60CB e simili è inclusa nel prezzo. il prezzo non è negoziabile. L'acquirente paga e organizza il ritiro a casa mia
  7. I sell my beautiful TSA120, for unexpected needs. I am selling the OTA, absolutely like new, purchased in January 2022 from the Takahashi Italian dealer. The telescope can be viewed and tested in my city (Matera-Italy), where it can be picked up by hand. The history of the telescope can be viewed on my FB profile and on some forums. Little used, like NEW. There are the triple takahashi packaging and documentation. In case of shipping the buyer organizes the courier and pays the costs. private sale
  8. Vixen GP, GPDX

    Hi from Italy i'm looking at a GP or best a GPDX, green in color and with all original accessories. I'm looking for them with original Vixen engines preferably or other quality engines/gotos. Obviously in excellent condition.
  9. WANTED Mewlon 210

    Hi from Italy I am looking for Mewlon only if purchased from official distributors with few months of life, equipped with original accessories and documentation, triple original packaging.

    Sto valutando di vendere la mia bellissima TSA120, per esigenze impreviste. Vendo OTA, assolutamente come nuova, acquistata a gennaio 2021 dal concessionario italiano Takahashi. Vendo prima in Italia prima e in Europa continentale (no dazi). Il telescopio può essere visionato e testato nella mia città (Matera-Italia), dove può essere ritirato a mano. La storia del telescopio è visibile sul mio profilo FB e su alcuni forum. Usato poco, come NUOVO. Ci sono la confezione e la documentazione tripla takahashi. 3900,00 euro la richiesta, per questo telescopio che costa 4600 euro nuovo. Mi piace comprare in un negozio ma risparmiando il 30%
  11. IBIS 100 HD

    Like new in its original package. i sell in Europe. request is 1000 euro The bino is in Italy I sell ONLY the BINO body. No EP, No mount etc in the image
  12. Unused. like new price is in euro: 380 + ss costs from Italy
  13. I am selling this 2 "ultrashort eyepiece holder, made with precision machines on my specifications, to allow the shortening of the optical path to the maximum possible, on the original focusers of Takahashi FC100DL and similar telescopes. This accessory allows the use of accessories that are particularly demanding in terms of back focus. For example, it is possible to reach the fire with both the Maxbright 2 Turret and the Baader Cool Ceramic 2 ". euro 60 + shipping costs i m in Italy
  14. The focuser is like new and returns smooth movements, with an excellent load capacity. I sell together with Flange made on custom specifications, to allow the FS60CB to reach focus with most of the most demanding accessories in terms of backfocus, without vignetting. Machined with high precision machines and in quality metal, it is compatible with Takahashi FS60CB and FC76DCU telescopes, and the like. The original SI compatible flange is in fact very long for the aforementioned applications. The flange alone had a cost of 100 euros Can be used on other telescopes with suitable flange The material can be viewed and collected on site, but I can send it. euro 550 + Shipping costs. The object is in Italy
  15. comme neuf Support GT-40 long pour FC-100DC, FC-100DF, FC-100DZ, FC-100DL (diamètre 95mm) 170 euros pour l'Europe continentale et l'Italie. Frais de port exclus hors d'Italie