Supernovae - Year 2007

2007A NGC105 00h25.3m +12d53m13 2007bzIC3918 12h56.9m +22d22m4
2007B NGC7315 22h35.5m +34d48m6 2007caMCG-02-34-61 13h31.1m -15d06m9
2007C NGC4981 13h08.8m -06d47m12 2007cdNGC5174 13h29.4m +11d01m3
2007D UGC2653 03h18.6m +37d36m3 2007chNGC6000 15h49.8m -29d23m3
2007E NGC921 02h26.6m -15d51m3 2007ciNGC3873 11h45.8m +19d46m6
2007F UGC8162 13h03.3m +50d37m4 2007ckMCG+05-43-16 18h23.1m +29d54m13
2007G UGC68 00h08.2m +27d00m8 2007clNGC6479 17h48.4m +54d09m4
2007H Anonymous 08h35.0m -08d20m3 2007cmNGC4644 12h42.8m +55d09m12
2007I Anonymous 11h59.2m -01d36m4 2007coMCG+05-43-16 18h23.1m +29d54m53
2007J UGC1778 02h18.9m +33d44m4 2007cqAnonymous 22h14.7m +05d05m3
2007K MCG+06-20-50 09h14.4m +36d07m5 2007csUGC12798 23h49.7m +29d56m4
2007L UGC466 00h43.9m +00d48m3 2007ctNGC6944 20h38.2m +06d54m6
2007M NGC4076 12h04.6m +20d12m3 2007cuUGC10214 16h06.0m +55d25m5
2007N MCG-01-33-12 12h49.0m -09d27m2 2007dlAnonymous 13h56.9m +10d51m3
2007O UGC9612 14h56.1m +45d24m2 2007evAnonymous 22h40.1m +24d42m2
2007Q NGC5888 15h13.1m +41d16m2 2007fbUGC12859 23h56.9m +05d31m5
2007R UGC4008 07h46.6m +44d47m2 2007fcESO538-G8 23h57.6m -22d00m2
2007S UGC5378 10h00.5m +04d24m12 2007fnUGC1963 02h29.5m +31d29m3
2007T NGC5828 15h00.8m +49d59m5 2007foNGC7714 23h36.2m +02d10m3
2007U ESO552-65 05h05.1m -18d59m4 2007frAnonymous 21h37.1m +00d26m4
2007V Anonymous 10h27.1m -03d18m2 2007fsESO601-G5 22h01.7m -21d30m4
2007W NGC5105 13h21.8m -13d13m2 2007ftNGC4677 12h47.1m -41d35m3
2007X ESO385-G32 14h30.2m -36d58m13 2007fzAnonymous 16h02.1m +29d44m4
2007Y NGC1187 03h02.6m -22d54m1 2007geMCG+08-1-13 23h57.5m +47d27m3
2007Z Anonymous 05h15.7m +19d22m3 2007giNGC4036 12h01.4m +61d54m31
2007aaNGC4030 12h00.5m -01d05m24 2007grNGC1058 02h43.5m +37d21m30
2007adUGC10845 17h24.4m +44d56m2 2007gwNGC4161 12h11.6m +57d44m6
2007afNGC5584 14h22.4m -00d24m45 2007hcAnonymous 00h36.0m +24d02m3
2007ahUGC2931 04h02.3m +25d49m3 2007hjNGC7461 23h01.8m +15d35m14
2007akUGC3293 05h20.7m +08d48m3 2007ilIC1704 01h27.2m +14d47m2
2007alAnonymous 09h59.3m -19d28m2 2007iqUGC3416 06h13.5m +69d44m3
2007amNGC3367 10h46.6m +13d45m4 2007irUGC2033 02h33.7m +37d40m4
2007anNGC4017 11h58.7m +27d27m3 2007kcUGC8400 13h21.6m +42d17m3
2007aoNGC5532 14h16.8m +10d48m3 2007kdMCG+6-21-36 09h26.0m +34d38m3
2007apMCG+03-41-3 15h56.4m +16d31m12 2007kkUGC2828 03h42.4m +39d15m3
2007aqIC2409 08h48.4m +18d20m3 2007leNGC7721 23h38.8m -06d31m23
2007arMCG+10-19-62 13h21.0m +58d33m2 2007mqUGC11495 19h35.0m +87d17m3
2007asESO18-G18 09h27.6m -80d11m3 2007odUGC12846 23h55.8m +18d25m18
2007atESO580-G44 14h51.2m -21d24m4 2007onNGC1404 03h38.8m -35d35m3
2007auUGC3725 07h11.8m +49d51m4 2007pkNGC579 01h31.8m +33d37m5
2007avNGC3279 10h34.7m +11d12m14 2007qeAnonymous 23h54.2m +27d25m4
2007axNGC2577 08h22.7m +22d33m3 2007rtUGC6109 11h02.6m +50d35m4
2007ayUGC4310 08h17.2m +01d12m4 2007ruUGC12381 23h07.4m +43d36m5
2007baUGC9798 15h16.7m +07d24m4 2007rvNGC689 01h49.9m -27d28m2
2007bbUGC3627 07h01.1m +51d16m4 2007rwUGC7798 12h38.1m -02d16m5
2007bcUGC6332 11h19.2m +20d49m16 2007ryAnonymous 03h25.7m +41d15m3
2007bdUGC4455 08h31.6m -01d12m3 2007rzAnonymous 04h31.2m +07d38m4
2007beUGC7800 12h38.1m -00d02m10 2007saNGC3499 11h03.2m +56d13m6
2007bfUGC9121 14h15.2m +15d44m3 2007soNGC1109 02h47.7m +13d15m2
2007bgAnonymous 11h49.4m +51d49m2 2007srNGC4038 12h01.9m -18d58m58
2007bhPGC54103 15h09.4m -10d42m2 2007ssNGC4617 12h41.1m +50d23m2
2007bjNGC6172 16h22.2m -01d31m2 2007swUGC7228 12h13.6m +46d30m2
2007bkAnonymous 15h28.8m +58d52m6 2007uxAnonymous 10h09.3m +15d00m1
2007blESO239-G1 22h48.1m -47d14m4 2007uyNGC2770 09h09.6m +33d07m14
2007bmNGC3672 11h25.0m -09d48m21 2007uzPGC34755 11h20.9m -29d24m2
2007btAnonymous 14h27.8m +12d49m5     

Fig 1. SN 2007 with measures or images
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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