Tutorial - your first steps ...

In addition to the User Manual of Visual Spec, the tutorials are a step-by-step description through screen capture of various operations in Visual Spec

Get a tutorial in italian by Fulvio Mete

Latest features description

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Tutorial in flash - not supported anymore as Flash is discontinued

The tutorial have been made with the free software Wink - You will need a flash player

Tutorial as HTML pages

Those tutorials may be old as some have been captured with older version of Visual Spec, with different user interface.

Start with the spectral image and produce your first spectrum, then calibrate the spectral profile regarding to spectra

Calibrate your spectrum by using key lines identified by using the spectral type of the star

Learn how to compare spectra to detect changes

Use the Element line wavelength library to identify lines in a spectrum

Format the graphic of a profile document

Correct the continuum of a spectrum from the spectral response non-uniformity of the detector

Make measurement on spectral profiles like Line Equivalent Width, Doppler shift

Export, import functions
Import UVES spectrum profile

Fit a Gaussian to a line or a portion of a line

Run script file to link commands
Describe the new function after the version 3.9.2

Tutorials in avi

Intrumentale response extraction from the star Altair - how to use this reponse curve to correct from instrumental response other spectra.

Video screen capture of the calibration with Hg lamp of a laser diode spectrum