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  1. L'éclipse du 8 avril 2024

    Désolé, la météo a été imprévisible. J’ai changé d’avis et suis allé à Houlton, Maine, pour maximiser les chances. C’était un long trajet de Washington DC.
  2. L'éclipse du 8 avril 2024

    Je vais tenter ma chance à Burlington, Vermont.

    I forgot how pretty Washington DC is at night, so I took the opportunity of my trip back home to go to the mall.


  4. After spending several months in France, I have returned to the USA for a couple of weeks. I've noticed two things: 1) so many people running red lights, and 2) how tipping is everywhere. For example, when I bought a water bottle for $2 at a gas station, I was prompted with a tip suggestion of 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%, ridiculous!

  5. Incredible! Je ne me lasserai jamais d'admirer les images du soleil sur ce forum.
  6. Shai-Hulud Sun Tooth (EO430nm) - 2023

    Wow! tres belles images!
  7. After a year, I finally had the chance to use my Lunt 100 telescope! It had been in storage ever since we moved to France. I am currently in Washington DC, I took the opportunity to take it out for a spin. What an amazing telescope it is! I can't help but wish I could bring it with me to France, but I have concerns about potential damage during transportation.


    1. frankyk


      I took a few images with the Lunt.


    2. frankyk
  8. Nice and hot and dry weather in Las Vegas, reminds me of Tucson.




  9. Soleil h alpha du 8/4

    Belle image, merci pour le partage !
  10. Just discovered my kit Solex is having a solo American vacation, coz it got shipped to my US address by mistake - and I'm in France! 🇺🇸🇫🇷Oops! 😅

    1. frankyk


      Thrilled to receive my Solex 3D parts, eagerly awaiting the Shelyak kit to return from the US!



  11. Watching the Saudi Arabia F1 race.






  12. Soleil du 4 mars 2023

    Congrats, great images!
  13. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the MÉGA STAR PARTY 2023 at Parc des Étoiles, Triel-sur-Seine. One of the highlights of the event was attending two fascinating conferences: "Du Météore au Cratère" and "À la Recherche des Mégatsunamis sur la Planète Mars." Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate; it was cloudy.